• MGS

    We are pleased to introduce our collaboration with de Swiss-Italian manufacturer MGS. From now on we can offer you, our own marvelous product line of taps, in perfect harmony with our stainless steel worktops and sinks as well for the kitchen, bathroom as outdoors.


    A unique range of faucets, recognized by many tap manufacturers as "the best" faucet in the world, produced with an incredible sense for detail, perfection and ecology. Every part has a top quality, entirely made out of stainless steel with a beautiful design and affordable pricing.


    Besides the traditional mat brushed stainless steel finish there also is a high glossy surface treatment possible. A limited number of models is also available in a mat black finish "BLACK STEEL". This exclusive design, has its origins in the world of "high end" products, such as watches, jewelry, goldsmithing, the "high tech" spatial and military industry... called PVD. Physical Vapor Deposition, a proces obtaining a durable mat black monochrome finish in every detail of the faucet design.

  • New catalog legs - frames - tables

    New catalog legs - frames - tables

    In close collaboration with furniture- and kitchenmanufacturers, MEEUS UNLIMITED design office creates innovative solutions for various spaces, both indoors as outdoors.


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