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lavabeau® K series

lavabeau® K-series (K50 & KB50) - design Bruno Meeus

A combination of a big sink, a strainer bowl and a one hole kitchen tap, extremely compact to fit in a 60cm kitchen cabinet.

Only one square hole needed to install the sink - interesting for natural stone and composite worktops.

Thanks to the square dimensions, free choice for the orientation of the sink.external dimensions: 540x540mm, hole dimensions: 530x530mm

One big 50cm wide sink with a central hidden strainer bowl, one hole kitchen tap on the right side ø35mm.

lavabeau® K50 specials:

  • has an extra step on the front and the back that allows the usage of the additional drip tray and cutting boards
  • a lowered surface for the tap. When combined with the telescopic tap MGS NEMO RHA the sink can be closed completely by the use of the drip tray and the cutting boards
  • the sink with dimensions 500x350x120mm has a radius of 10mm on the 4 bottom sides
  • cutting board set is available in PE black (art C50B), recycled PE "marble" (art C50M) and recycled PE "art color" (art C50A)